Contemporary Art Fly
Contemporary Art Fly

Hello to everyone!

My name is Elena Bandurka is the owner of Art Gallery Contemporary Art Fly B.V.

Near 4 years ago I understood I want to open an Art Gallery. Then I started to search information, travel for visiting Art Fairs all around the world and looking how it’s going. For last year I very quick grow up with trying my idea and found new experience when participants on Art Fairs. I meet many nice people, speaking and founding information. And all this year I studied online many courses like Strategic Marketing, Ideal Service, Contemporary Art in Berlin by Sothebys Institute Of Art, And many other courses every day, every hour, my mind, my brain wants it and I improve this then.

8 October 2017 I registered Art Gallery Contemporary Art Fly B.V. in The Netherlands, so I started quick to work, I feel like I’m running, running, it’s my air, I like it so much. I cant live without it! It’s my inspiration to improve my big attention to work my New Brand Contemporary Art Fly to Big Art Industry.

I wanna find more and more interesting Artists, work with they, help they found the best way to open the Would for Artist.

I understand Artist because I start to paint in 2003-2004 when I studied Law and Management in University, but now I understand, I was studied in the right way because to do successful Bussines I need this.

I have many ideas every day how to do Art Gallery better, I like to search new ways to do Art Bussiness. I like broken stereotypes, working hard&play hard, open heart to finding people who like to work with me in the same way.

I’m looking for Artists for work with then like they producer in Online and Offline, let’s start a Future!


P.S. About my C.V.

I was studied play on piano for 9 years old, singing, in Lyceum Of Art, then When I went to study in University I was wanted to be a cool Advocate and go to Politics and be a Political scientist, I remember I was found a Master Degree for Political Scientist in Maastricht and trying to go. But at this time the same thing was changes in me, just a little )), and I started to paint. When I finished University and had 2 diplomas as a Lawer and Management, I started to work in Ukrainian Parliament for one year, did administration work for my deputy and studied Course of How to write a bill in Institute of Verkhovna Rada. After one year working in the family business as a manager. After I tried to find me in Shou Business, I tried being a singer, singing on Big Scene, participants on Music Festivals, funny, cool time, wrote 3 music videos, in first video I check all work in process, script, costumes, selection of locations, search for models, search for a director, wreathed handmade, searched for props, thought out hidden advertising, ordered traditional holiday bread loaf, logistics, make-up, all the epics were agreed by me.

And a little later understand what I need to do, Open a Art Gallery, so then for 3 years started to flied every months for looking Art, mostly Contemporary Art, museums of Contemporary Art, Art Fairs of Contemporary Art, Same times I have come back to Kiev slept in Airport Hotel and Flyback same where for looked Art. I flew to Argentina only for 4 days for visiting Art Fairs, maybe it was a crazy idea, Just 4 days, the same maybe I spend for my way to and return 4 days )), but it was cool and in Argentina in Buenos Aires cool Contemporary Art Fairs!!!

So…. and I have a plan, wrote a book about Contemporary Art, so, I understand, as more, I work with Contemporary Art as closer to my Big Dream!!!!



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