Samara Scott

Samara Scott was born in London in 1984, where she lives and works.

Samara  Scott artist expressed feelings in her work through the consumption of information, stimulating the imagination of the viewer and referring to a disorderly use that resembles the style of hippies, music of the 50s, dispersion, liberty, serenity, but at the same time her work deeply with the meaning of the ecological problem maturing in the whole world. Her works are richly coloured, various materials used, she is awakened by the fear of becoming an artist. Thanks to the use of the picturesque genre, the thematic method selects juicy effects and saturated saturation over the craft. The surroundings coagulate, and the Sculpture oozes and pollutes the surface.

It struggles with the idea to show nature and artificial unnatural society, not necessary importunate thought, antiquity and plasticity, synthetic import and class of organic crafts, the materiality of mesh brings the exhausted History of Art into the inner language of one-time nostalgia and melancholy. There’s a certain slipperiness. Uncomfortable eroticism and chewing between textures, products, fashion and style. An abstract membrane, a dense landscape or plate mood of forms, smells, shapes and materials._DSC0124 (2)

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