Cui Jie

Cui Joe born 1983, Shanghai, China, and currently based in Beijing, China.

Inspired by the architecture of modern China, comparing it with the past, its multifaceted urban patterns include layers of realistic and imaginary lines on the canvas. The artist focuses on the transformation and pace of transformation of urban China in time and politics. She has pleasant eyes for the shades of warm colours, characterises the city, landscapes interiors. The Cui paintings are a temporary capsule where the past and the future are reconsidered, the pictures are like the laboratories of an open and reformed China that also visualise a personal history. Time and place, for example, the historical confusion of the Bauhaus, Chinese propaganda, Soviet communist aesthetics.

I saw this work on Liste Basel 2017  in Mother’s Tankstation, her work also participated on 2016 Leo Xu Projects at Art Basel in Miami Beach 2016, Miami Beach, 2015 Leo Xu Projects at West Bund Art & Design 2015, 2015 Leo Xu Projects at Art Basel in Hong Kong 2015.


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