Marina Trusova


Marina Trusova is a Contemporary master of author’s dolls. In the manufacture of their work uses a variety of materials, including paper-mâché and plastics, hardening in the air.
She was born and raised in the Middle Urals, in Russia. In her childhood, she studied at art school. In 2002 she graduated with honours from the art school and received the profession of “Artist-Designer”.
In 2009 she graduated from the State Vocational and Pedagogical University, specializing in “Interior Design”.
For some time she worked in the printing house as a postcard designer, and then she taught at the children’s art school for several years.
“I grew up in the most ordinary family, but from childhood, I liked to be creative: draw, sculpt, weave from beads, sew … I still love working with different art materials and creating beautiful things myself. That’s why I like making dolls and putting together in one job a lot of different skills, techniques and materials. ”
After the birth of the daughter, together with her husband, they decided to emigrate to a country with a warmer climate, and in 2013, with her family, she moved to Montenegro. It was this country that prompted the search for new creative horizons. There appeared the first art doll and began cooperation with local galleries.
In 2015, moved to Slovenia – a small, but very beautiful European country. A new place, as well as numerous trips made by the whole family at the motor home, inspired the creation of new images. And unnoticed, the hobby turned into a serious hobby.
She sells her work mainly through the Internet. Her dolls are among the colours in America, in South Korea, in Russia and in Slovenia. All dolls are made by hand, without using ready-made forms and only in a single copy.
“I often ask why my dolls have pronounced female parts of the body. I think this is due to my love of painting. In my thoughts images are born that I connect and then translate into reality. “

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