Tanya Vasilenko



Tanya Vasilenko is a member of National Union of Artists of Ukraine.

Tanya Vasilenko works and lives in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Tanya graduated from Kyiv State Institute of Applied Arts and Design named after Mychailo Boychuk, in 1997.

Artworks of Tanya Vasilenko are in private collections in USA, Germany, Switzerland, Kuwait, Russia, Ukraine.

Tanya works in own painting technique that can be called “volumetric painting”.

Tanya Vasilenko: “My credo is trying to do the best in everything I do, try to find something wonderful and unbelievable in what I see and give live emotions to people. In my paintings, I’m striving for an active creative search of the combination of free sensual expression and a reach for the holistic structure of the painting, for an art search for new methods of the main idea expression and fresh colour schemes also own innovations in a technical aspect of my art ideas implementation”.

Artworks of Tanya Vasilenko have been recently several times selected in online collections of one of the world’s most prestigious gallery – Saatchi Gallery (London, UK) by its art curators, in such collections:

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