Vero Reato


The works of Vero Reato were clinched and conquered at an exhibition in Brussels. Usually ordinary material can be so interesting when it creates an unusual sculpture, a piece of artwork that strikes with rough details, the shape of the circles harmonizes in any interior. Almost in any.

The artist was born in the city of Metz in 1966b when the style of the 60s entered actively, perhaps during the years of the person’s development, simplicity and laconicism influenced the tastes of the artist. Vero Reato studied at Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Nancy in product design and then studied DRAWING at Digital Image in Angouleme.
She created herself looking for herself in the illustrations before painting, in decor and restorations, and from this looking and experience more and more became.

Her desire to create unsurpassed outdoor paintings led Vero Reato in 2013 to the material, which became a real revolution in the field of construction: ultra-high performance Fibré Concrete.

The performance of the material gave the imagination and the opportunity to create Vero Rio sculpture in the open air, flexibility in the implementation, its mechanical performance, endless possibilities of inclusions allowed it to update the unique creativity, the original, liberated.

Vero Reato explores the “grey matter”, observes and develops sensitive and uncommon works, where the mineral and organic fuse fall into several cells in the “CONCRETE CONCRETE”.

The conquest of this innovative concrete has opened an unusual way of expression for the realization of wall installations, paintings, sculptures and unusual objects of use.



1990 DNSEP Ecole des Beaux-Arts in the product design of Nancy

1991 Computer Graphics Training – Computer Graphics

SUPINFOCOM Valenciennes

1992 DRAWING in digital images on CNBDI

(National Center of the Comic Strip) synthetic images


Awards Price

The award “Sculpture 2016” for “Amazonia”

At the meeting of the arts, the Association of Lorraine artists.

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