Damien Hirst (1965) is a British artist, best known for his leading role in the movement of young British artists (YBA) of the 1990s. , which embodies in the eternity of dead animals immersed in formaldehyde, transparent glass exposing the whole essence and proximity of modern scientific research and medicine. He exclaims with his art on the issue of the British repression of the 1990s, finds a connection with pop culture, pop between and defiant capitalism with Andy Warhol. In some of his works fragility, time is frozen, butterflies are asleep, dead butterflies, he is interested in Christian iconography and combining structure and texture with another, erects the canvas. Hundreds of butterflies (key repetitive motive in Hirst’s work) that make up the dome can be considered symbols of fragility and ephemeral, referring to the ideas of death and, consequently, to the Christian theory of Christianity and Hirst.

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