Yoko Ono

Japanese avant-garde artist, singer and cultural activist, widow of John Lenon.
In her childhood, she moved several times to the US with her mother, where her father worked, at the time of the Second World War in 1940 they returned to their homeland.

Anna Bubnova received her first music lessons from her aunt.
From 1943 to 1953, Yoko graduated from the prestigious Gakusuin school.
In 1953, her love and the pursuit of music led to the training at Sarah Lawrence College in America trying to become an opera diva.

In 23 years in 1956, your wife married a tall talented composer Toshi Itiyanagi, but her parents were against this marriage. A few years later, Tosi was recruited as a rehearsal pianist in the dance troupe of Mers Cunningham, a man who had connections with New York avant-gardists.
A little later, there were several exhibitions and performances and an attempt to win over the society and find your audience, but critics did not take it seriously, and this led to her depressed and her parents learned about it and taken to Japan and put in a psychiatric clinic.
In those same years, learning about her great admirer Anthony Cox, and later becoming her next husband and a huge support for her creativity and development, he flew after her to Japan, and after taking it out took her and her creativity began to develop better, so he became her producer.
August 8, 1963 they had a daughter Kyoko Ono Cox.


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