Adam Morgan


Adam Morgan was born in the UK in 1984 and studied music and visual arts at the University of Brighton. From his early childhood, he was attracted to art, drawing, mathematics, imagination, a bridge between reality and colourful fairy-tale images. He opens the world to us through the use of his portraits, because if in the textbook on logic the phrase “If you do not see the horns, it does not mean that you do not have them” (an unknown author) is written, just as you might think about the fact that in each there is sensual beauty of the inner, which the artist brings to us, depicting colorful portraits. His portraits are filled with elements, symbols and patterns, a rich inner world, impressions, awareness of the world and inspiration from Fred Tomaselli, Yuan Juglau and Gustav Klimt reveals his deep artistic potential. Thanks to this we can enjoy his works of art.


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