Bryan Griffiths is a crusader in the backyard for the sticky stuff of the legend. In Brian, scaled sculptures are created from found details in flea markets, old deposits and other beautiful materials. His sculptures are the way to the fascinating world of childhood, diversity, fantasy and secrets. This impression of reading fairy tales, these are portals for adventure: shipborne ships, knights-garbage boxes and aeronauts-breathers. These are secret societies and legions, these are sculptural portraits or rather portraits of transmitting emotions and class character as in ancient times. Pirates, scientists, villains, knights, noblemen, judges, hangmen, and other characteristics of the time personality.
His works consist entirely of recycled material, fabrics from flea markets, furniture and chests, a tree for the production of his sculptures, Brian Griffiths is a garbage store for Viking; Under the Stride of Giants is his personal Valhalla. Working completely with the recycled materials, the adventures of Griffith begin on second-hand furniture markets.
His work is the transformation of parts from the chests of old secrets from second hand, using their authenticity to fake an exotic, more “ancient” story.

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