ERIC BAUDART was born in 1972. Lives and works in Paris, France.
The artist plunges into practical practices creating his own textures and installations, the materials he uses are plastic, textiles, polyethene, household appliances, iron, washed off by everyday contextualization and rebuilt to create works that crack at the edge of art. His work is the transformation of everyday life in the installation, it is the displaced materiality in the works of Eric Bourders, which spurs their modern resonance. His work is more a ballet performance, the transformation of the viewer’s consciousness, he understands the ingenuity and straightforwardness of forms and simplicity of the environment and space, this is a harmonious combination of everything around.
But the start is also concerned about the process; as outside of the material, its properties and initial meaning, as well as use, can be reconfigured or represented by a method of practice. It distracts the viewer from the unitary source of material, paying attention to less important eccentric details of intricate forms of possibilities using the sculpture’s body. However, with the immediate observance of this not-too-scientific method of experimentation, it is not accepted; instead, the result is fixed, soft pink tonal shades, which are balanced by an abstract comparison of wavy lines.

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