Kuala Lumpur in my eyes


This passion has taken me to the photo, black and white photos like the style, hotel rooms, all over the world, this unique design of the hotels inspires, impressions from the terrain. Exiting the room, you do other things, and in the room the secret of the production process of a unique photo. When it’s easier to relax on one, nobody bothers. You are frank with yourself, honest and transparent intentions are being realized. Photo as a reflection of the impressions of communication with people, with the outside world, as a reflection of fashion, beautiful outfits. The passion to show your love for beautiful details and be among them, as a bridge between personifications, giving an idea of any concept or phenomenon by depicting it in the form of a living person endowed with the properties of the given concept.
And this is the impression of Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia is inspiring, colourful, lively, technological stimulates to something new and overwhelming.


Self Artist Elena Bandurka Ukraine )))) ? travelling all around the world are inspired my self. I also start to work with other models and will show you portraits of inspired people my self.

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