Rose Wylie


Rose Wylie (born 1934, United Kingdom)
She finds themes for her large-scale paintings everywhere in everyday life, it’s history, movies, comic strips, these are different impressions from the lived day, each story has a separate story, where she will tell us about the specie bakeries at Rue du Buerre, Brussels, full of antique biscuits , she talks about the characters either from the past centuries, then it happens from the looking glass. The bizarre engraved details are stored in sloping form islands, as if they are rudimentary, take place for idiosyncrasy. The characters are bewitched joyful, anxious, impressed, happy, funny low or high as if the papier mache dolls on her canvases talking to us. They soar on the canvas and convey to us the essence of the past, remind us of history, laugh and be merry, but they never abuse, like in a fairy tale, in the distance of paints and marvellous gardens.
Her work is the philosophy of advertising posters, the imprint of history, where that picture is like the imitation of a package of milk, the other as a buddy has a connection with the football field, sport and modern life.


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