Zeger Reyers


Dutch artist Zeger Reyers (1966), an artist known for his glabrous and surprising us with his projects. Interacting with nature and various materials, he shows people the power of nature, when a person leaving his property for a long period without care and supervision, nature absorbing revives its primary form.
One of his works, the Drum Kit (2004) he combined one hundred empty oil drums and placed them in the sea. And the sea played the drums, uttering soft sounds, the noise and vibration, after 7 weeks the drums transformed into rusty unrecognizable and crumpled.

His goal is not morality, but to show how global and destructive the atmosphere can be, as with natural weather changes. In his attitudes, he makes miracles and the power of nature visible intensely; At the same time, the visitor is aware of the vulnerability of the anthropogenic environment.

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