Donald Judd


Donald Judd uses geometric shapes to create his artistic volumetric objects, such as sculpture, installation. Donald Judd is a landmark figure in the history of postwar art. He was recognized as an art critic after writing articles for reviews for the journal Arts from 1959-65. At the same time, he develops from an abstract artist into geometric convex conceptual art, he uses steel, concrete, he pours out huge square shapes and sets these stilts under the open sky. He creates art objects that you want to touch, their volume, smooth material that is attached to the wall reflects the rays of light, penetrating the beam on the lower surfaces is reflected and distorted. Some of his works are saturated with light, bright, others on the street are harmonious with nature, sand and grass, smoothly transformed to the local landscape. He analyzes the paintings and sculptures unbound from the traditional framework, instead focused on “real space” research or three dimensions, using commercial materials and focusing on whole, uniform forms.

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