Anne Appleby


Ann Appleby
American, 1954. She studied for a bachelor at the University of Fine Arts of San Francisco in 1989. She lives and works in San Francisco, the city inspired and led her to the SECA award from the San Francisco Museum of Contemporary Art in 1996. She was awarded the David S. McMillian Award and the Prize Her works depict her love of nature, colours conveying nature, space fields, forests and oceans, fabulous and at the same time realistic colours of life. Her fifteen-year apprenticeship with one of the elders of the indigenous Ojibwe people in Montana had a strong influence on her work and gave her a high level of patience and incredible ability to observe. She lives near the forest, and inspiration comes near her residence. Ann Appleby lives and works in San Francisco and on the edge of the national forest in Montana. Her work became one of the first works of abstraction in America. Works that talk about climate change, the change of cycles of nature, winter, spring, summer and autumn, all periods are beautiful, bright, giving a riot of bright colours. Emitting a strong energy flow and vibration. Her paintings are also vibrating like nature, pictures are a close relationship between nature and art.

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