Mark Rothko


Mark Rothko, born Markus Yakovlevich Rothkowitz, was an American painter of Russian Jewish descent.

His paintings were not recognized immediately, he was sometimes called “the brushing of a painter” and “child’s scrawl”, he mixed colors in a special way, created his paintings one by one, minimalism and laconism on his canvases produced with rabbit skins, and his genius recognized the American court and in The cost of these paintings reached 140 million euros. Connoisseurs claimed that in his paintings, and sadness, and ecstasy, and tragedy. Mark created his paintings rich and vivid and did not like when he was considered to be an abstractionist.
The artist said: “What is his viewer is he who sees not the mixture of colours, but the explosion of human emotions, the triumph of ecstasy and the pain of tragedy. These paintings are not enough to contemplate, they must be felt like a living organism. Maybe that’s why Rothko did not give names to many of his paintings, providing a place for a spectator’s imagination. ”
At the beginning of the journey, he sold many of his works for a song that was not recognized yet and subject to criticism, but his children launched a lawsuit and ended with a verdict about the discrepancy between the cost of paintings in the contract and their actual artistic value. Experts who spoke at the trial in defence of the creativity of the master of the brush were unanimous in their opinion. Several hundred paintings were returned to the heirs of Rothko, and his name was among the ten most talented artists of the twentieth century.

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