Jannis Kounellis


Artist Yannis Kunellis, originally from Greece, was born in the small port town of Piraeus, which is near Athens. After he moved to Rome in 1956. After studying at the Roman Academy of Arts, he began painting a black and white painting, yin-yang, or the personification of minimalism and simplicity, soon went to the performance, plunged into a brighter painting, with various objects.
      I saw his bright minimalist paintings on Art Basel, they amaze and delight, with their idea, the playing of household items, the brightness of the presentation, various household objects, knives, toys of porter, shoes, iron, are on his canvases. His installations are also impressive, creating labyrinths of wool, skins, coal, fabric, stones, and other materials. He entices the viewer and carries away to his world of performance. He left the painting because believed that traditional painting is subject to the repressive pressure of the political past. He created his own installations and sang numbers and figures, creating a performance. Yannis Cunellis, like other participants in the art of more pov, created a kind of anti-commercial and anti-formal art with a strong artistic and social critical overtones.
In the 1970s and 1980s, he used in his installations the flame of gas burners and traces of soot from the fire on the walls of exhibition halls and other surfaces. He also expanded the repertoire of the means used by smoke, shelves, trolleys, blocked openings, coffee beans, and other items related to commerce, transport, and economy. In 1975, Cunellis began using the casts of classical sculpture.
Then he returned to the creation of paintings, they are minimalistic and mysterious, dark with bright spots and various additions, objects of constant use.
Yannis Cunellis died on February 16, 2017, in Rome.

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