Marleen Sleeuwits


Marleen Sleeuwits (June 23, 1980) works and lives in the Netherlands, studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague where she lives now. She produces a photo of work, light installations. By the photo she wants to attract the viewer to unusual corners of the Universe from a different angle, she wants to pay attention to particular things empty rooms. The waiting room of airports, the halls of hotels and other places on her photos look in a new way and entertaining. In the picture Marleen Sleeuwits you can experience disconnection from certain situations or time. A clear intention to portray a different feeling that causes certain places allows the artist to seize the experience of separation from physical space.
Same  Its installations are technical structured electrical systems put together functionally and beautifully. These are the regular light bulbs combined together immediately transformed into an individual style and modern look at contradictory things. Also, there is minimalism, since the installation is self-sufficient in its essence.
The goal of Sleeuwits is that the viewer stepped inside and could physically relate to the space depicted. “I want the viewer to be attracted to the image by its structures, colours, light and sharpness, but I want the viewer to feel unsettled because of the lack of references and the remote nature of the places,” says Sleeuwits. This feeling literally translates the tension that the artist experienced when she visited these places.

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