The Way to Berlin

I recently went to Berlin to take part in the course from Christie’s and find new ideas and ways to develop my idea. My idea fascinates me greatly, and with every step, I find ways to achieve it and realize it. I already work on my first book and open a tender for the implementation of a new website. Still, there are ideas and plans, the main thing is to act constantly to achieve a great goal.

In Berlin, I spent a wonderful time during the Berlin Gallery of the Weekend. Life in Berlin boils harder in the Art Days in Berlin 2 times a year. During the Gallerie weekend and during the time of the Berlin Art Week. I really like this city, it inspires with its history and its modernity and at the same time surprises. The old airport is also striking, but there is a hope that soon a more convenient new airport will be opened. It is also surprising that in many places you do not accept cards for payment, but only cash. And this with the speed of life’s movement, when the cards are the most convenient for payment, you do not need to check paper money for fake items, because paper money can be forged and in a hurry you do not notice what you are given to change or when a huge sum is paid to you in cash and you need to check every bill.

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