Contemporary Art


Contemporary Art is a more voluminous science than in the old times, it looks at most of the most important variables. Raises the hidden from the social morality and order, inspires and realizes the global goals, puts points for the plan, spares censorship, breaks out in front and tries to grab all the facets of the common man allowed and hidden from the eyes.
Many people looking at modern art as garbage, not understanding what the philosophy is here. But the fact is that every sculpture tells us about something specific, it can at some point about the meaning of life, about ecology, we can live here for our children, and maybe about the values ‚Äč‚Äčthat they change from the course of life. For example, the works of the great master of jewelry were previously only gold Faberge eggs, and now in the Gallery of Modern Art in Berlin there is an exhibition with gold-colored stands and the same eggs, as if the value has changed and its direction, now the meaning is directed to the content, and earlier to the wrapper.


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