Mission Possible!


Even if the idea comes first, and you do not immediately know how to translate it, you think it’s complicated, how to approach the shore, shallow, turbid, you need an ordinary boat, where can I get it? And then just talking in the ear, this is the perfect place for a photo shoot, I’ve looked it over a long time, and you change the lens from 35 mm, to 300 mm, the one that can bring the target closer, and tell the model. What are you ready for the sake of a beautiful frame? Is the swim prepared to go to the goal? And your model agrees to all your “visions”, I’m an artist, I so see the camera, we work! And then our Captain of the ship says to stand, no one needs to swim to the shore, and we neatly moored to the beautiful coast, Shore a nature reserve. So many ideas are born there, so many creative fantasies can come true. Mission Possible! And we have fulfilled it for today, I thank my team for fulfilling my creative dream, my plan! Further, it will be even brighter and hotter, even more beautiful, even more original, who is ready to swim to the shore in water 20 degrees for the sake of a delicate frame? The summed up ideas acquire a material frame.

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