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Global Warming

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Global Warming

This show will run in Kiev Ukraine, Contemporary Art Fly collaboration with Zavalniy Art Centre.

Artist Elena Bandurka



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Press Release

Elena Bandurka is a young artist, for whom the conscious and healthy world is the main one. The central idea of her creativity, she made environmental problems, which puts human activity at risk and on which the life of this person depends so much.

Raising such problems as climate change, air, water and land pollution, accumulation of garbage, the artist creates paintings and art objects from different materials.
The main goal of the artist is to help people realise the scale of the problem and the value of the world that we are gradually losing. Therefore, in her works, there are both symbols of terrible pollution and planetary catastrophes, as well as natural beauty of natural phenomena, such as a clean air environment, a saturated depth of water, and green overflows.

We are all concerned with the problem of ecology – it is the most universal. Therefore Elena Bandura works are close to an understanding of everyone, they influence visually at the level of associations. After all, both nature and art we perceive visually, so the work of this project is taken by colour, shape and texture, conveying in global images the global ideas.
Elena’s creativity is optimistic, actively promoting the topic of recycling and careful attitude not only to nature but also to things, giving them a second life.


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